Welcome to RIDE, a state of the art indoor cycling studio 

that also offers bootcamp, TRX HIIT, Barre, and Core classes.
Our incredible instructors use rhythm and your energy to create an EPIC experience on our bikes. 

With FitMetrix cutting edge technology, clients can access real time tracking of their heart rate, calories and effort points with completely customizable leader boards.

RIDE is an overall fitness experience which leaves you feeling empowered and exhilarated!

RIDE with MindBody

Here at Ride indoor cycling studio in Stowe, we use the MindBody app for booking cycling classes, bootcamp, TRX HIIT, Barre, and Core classes. Looking for fitness in Stowe? With the MindBody app, you can find and book the best fitness and wellness services in Stowe, and around the world. Come RIDE with us!