Since I was a little girl I was always described as “active”.  From a “busy” toddler to a college athlete I have always had a desire to be in motion. Throughout my whole life I loved playing on sports teams. The skating, the hitting, the pitching, the shooting were all great... but at this point in my life I realized what I loved best about sports...being part of a team.

It was in college that I found a love for group fitness. My sophomore year in college I became certified to teach aerobics. Since then I have taught almost every type of group fitness class. I soon learned that my love of teaching fitness was all related to being part of a group with positive energy in a supportive atmosphere. I fell in love with trying to change people’s days and making them feel good about working out in class.

After five years of owning JoMotion Boot Camp, I realized I wanted to go into fitness full time. I always knew adding an intense cardio workout would create the perfect combination for total fitness. A friend introduced to a new style of indoor cycling and I was immediately hooked. It didn’t take long for me to realize this was missing in Stowe and that our community craved such a workout.

The rest is history. I love that every class at Ride indoor cycling studio brings a new energy, tons of fun, and most of all a sense of belonging and togetherness. I am so happy to be able to share this experience and continue to run JoMotion!